The Main Reasons To Have Clean Water

You might take clean water for granted, but in many parts of the world, dirty water is normal. The residents of some countries must walk for several miles to find water, and the water is often filthy. Here are the reasons why you need clean water each day.

Clean Water Reason 1: Clean Water For Farm Fields

When you are a farmer, having clean water for your fields and gardens is essential. While soil can capture some types of contamination, water that is dirty can contain pathogens that will destroy plants. Without access to clean water, a farmer might not have a good crop of grain or vegetables.

Clean Water Reason 2: Sanitary Drinking Water

When sanitation plants clean the water in modern cities, it removes the bacteria or viruses that cause dangerous diseases. In the past, numerous individuals died from drinking dirty water that wasn’t boiled to eliminate the pathogens. In some regions of the world, people still die from drinking filthy water.

Clean Water Reason 3: Safe Water For Cooking 

In addition to needing clean drinking water, everyone deserves safe water for cooking meat, vegetables or grains. The germs in dirty water can infest the foods that you are cooking, leading to serious illnesses. It is important to help everyone have clean water that is safe to use for cooking purposes.

Clean Water Reason 4: Water That Is Safe For Animals

If you are raising animals such as cattle or pigs, then you need safe water so that the creatures don’t become ill. Clean water is also necessary for smaller farm animals such as turkeys, chickens and ducks. Without clean water, it is impossible for farmers to have the animals that are required for food.

Clean Water Reason 5: Sanitizing Medical Equipment

While hospitals in many countries have specialized equipment to sanitize medical equipment, in some parts of the world, the nurses and physicians only have water to remove pathogens from medical devices. Using contaminated water to wash bandages and bedding can lead to infections in patients who are already ill.

Clean Water Reason 6: Everyday Cleanliness

Daily cleanliness is important for everyone, but it is impossible when all you have is dirty water from a local lake or stream. In the United States and most countries, you can turn on a faucet to have as much clean water as you want for showering, washing clothes or sanitizing your home.

Clean Water Reason 7: Safe Food Preservation

If you have a garden, then you will want to can foods such as vegetables and fruits. You can’t use contaminated water for canning because it will spoil the foods, making the fruits and vegetables dangerous to consume.


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