9 Resume Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Any job seeker knows that the market is still tough out there. The U.S. unemployment rate remained at 4.9 percent this July even though the economy added about 255,000 new jobs last month. It is still as important as ever to make your resume stand out by avoiding these mistakes.

1. Improper alignment of your headings and text can make you appear careless.

Make sure that you print a copy of your resume to see that everything lines up properly.

2. Spelling and grammar mistakes are a huge turnoff.

The best way to proofread is to have a fresh set of eyes take a look at it for you.

3. Going out of chronological order in your experience section can make you appear disorganized.

Your job history should be set out as a time line from most recent to longest ago.

4. Using creative fonts can make you appear unprofessional.

Stick with a standard font, such as Times New Roman, so that your resume is easy to read and does not stand out as odd.

5. Large time gaps in your resume can make it appear that you were fired or not interested in working.

To make sure that you appear reliable, try to account for time gaps in your job experience by filling in with alternate experience you gained during that time.

6. You may apply for many different jobs, and you probably should not use the exact same resume for each one.

Read information about your prospective company and use that to tailor your descriptions to fit in line with the company’s mission and values.

7. While it can be tempting to embellish, the Internet gives prospective employers more access than ever to follow up on information that you include in your resume.

For example, if you list that you won an award and you are not the recipient listed for it online, this is a quick way to get your resume tossed.

8. Using too many words in your initial job description can result in the reader getting lost in your text.

Make sure that your job titles are bold so that they stand out in some way. It should be very easy for a reader to quickly skim the resume and have an idea of your general experience.

9. Make sure that there is not any negative language in your resume.

If you encountered a serious struggle in your past employment, it is best to present it as a challenge that you worked to overcome so that you appear as a positive and engaged employee. Without going overboard, your resume should make you sound like an employee who is accountable and takes pride in producing results.


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