7 Great Reasons to use Organic Products on your Lawn

Everyone wants a lush, green lawn, but using a conventional fertilizer is not the only way to attain one. Go green and choose an organic fertilizer to keep you, your lawn, and the earth gorgeous.

1. It’s good for your health
 Common lawn chemicals are known hormone and endocrine disruptors, and the long-term effects of many of the newer treatments are still unknown and will be for several decades. Several pesticides are linked to birth defects, reproductive disorders and increased risk of cancer. Chemicals can lead to long-term conditions like increased chemical sensitivity and short term effects, including dizziness, headaches and respiratory problems. The best way to protect your health is to use organic fertilizers that pose no threat to your body system.

2. It’s good for the earth.
Organic fertilizers give your lawn a gentle boost, giving it the nutrients to I dependently grow and create a stronger root system, while encouraging helpful species like earthworms lacewings ladybugs to make their homes there. A healthier lawn with deep roots needs less watering because it will be more drought tolerant than a lawn treated with synthetic fertilizers. Over-watering and chemical runoff are huge environmental dangers that can compromise water tables and harm local wildlife, so eliminating this helps keep the earth a little greener.

3. Conventional fertilizers are not good for long term use.
Conventional fertilizers are herbicidal, fungicidal, and insecticidal. Feeding them to your lawn is equivalent to eating antibiotics every morning for breakfast for your entire life. It will kill invasive species, plants and fungi, but it will kill all the good ones too, even the microbes in the soil that keep it healthy. Eventually nature will find a way to become resistant to these chemicals and stronger conventional chemicals will need to be used, harming native species and the ecosystem in the process.

4. It’s good for wildlife.
Earthworms aerate the soil which helps strengthen the roots, while insects like lacewings and ladybugs eat invasive pests. Using organic fertilizers supports the soil and these insects’ habitats. Having a healthy insect population means there will be plenty of pollinators if you are growing flowers or vegetables, and plenty of birds who will eat these insects and keep the population controlled. Wildlife that live on and around your property will not have a compromised water or food supply and your local ecosystem will be balanced.

5. It’s good for your pets.
Anyone who has a dog knows how much they get into everything in the yard, do you want them being exposed to harsh chemical and then tracking them inside to your kitchen and couch?

6. It’s sustainable
If you make your own organic lawn fertilizer, you eliminate packaging waste, transportation costs, and energy expended to produce the fertilizer. You can home grow your own fertilizer by getting creative and making your own compost from kitchen scraps or using yard and garden clippings. Making your own fertilizer also guarantees that it will be healthy for your lawn. Because the materials are home-grown and native to the area, there is no risk of introducing invasive species to your home ecosystem.

7.It is cost effective
If you care for the soil your lawn is growing on and allow nature to care for your lawn, it will be much more resilient and you will not have to send hundreds of dollars to keep it looking great. A healthy lawn treated with organic fertilizers will maintain itself better, look great and be great for the earth, and your wallet!


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