7 Beautiful Ways to Spruce Up Your Patio

You’ve been enjoying your patio all summer but it’s losing a bit of luster. Heat, traffic and overuse can take a toll on your outdoor oasis. Here are seven ways to spruce up and beautify you patio for what remains of the outdoor season.


Many plants have a short growing season. The foliage and blooms you planted in late spring may fade by mid- to late summer. Replace faded plants with those that last even through hot and humid conditions. Plants like Hydrangea paniculata, chaste tree and summersweet keep patio containers fresh and light.


Japanese lanterns, vintage Edison bulbs, LED, or refurbished holiday lights, an illuminated patio invites summer guests to linger into the evening. Choose lights that complement your overall design: fairy lights for whimsical patios, Edison bulbs for minimalist styles and LED lights for a subtle glow.

Fire Pit

Fire pits soften the evening. They keep out the chill as autumn enters the scene. Fragrant wood adds enticing elements but the flames can be put to practical use when you crave a s’more.

Hot Tub

Hot tub steam beautifies your patio, creating a relaxing ambiance regardless of the season. During the winter months they add interest to an otherwise desolate patio.

Water Feature

If you don’t have the patio space for a hot tub, you can still enjoy the relaxing sound and cooling effects of water. Water features, whether bubblers or waterfalls, are an attractive element that holds interest even when the rest of your patio might seem lackluster.


Kathryn M. Ireland, L.A. based interior designer and star of the show “Million Dollar Decorators,” told the L.A. Times that she enjoys outdoor space and emphasized how much she appreciates a garden, trees and a variety of plants. However, looking at her outdoor patio one sees a range of textures, from foliage, to rattan chairs, different styles of fabric and wood furniture. This variety of textures spruces up what could otherwise be a bland, uniform patio. When beautifying your patio play around with textures like earthen pottery, bright beads and glass mosaics.


Apartment dwellers’ patios serve a dual purpose. It’s where you store items that have no place in your home. Spruce up the area by investing in some uniform storage containers. Place the filled containers along the patio edges to create a streamlined effect.

Whether your patio is small or large, attached to your apartment or located in a wooded area on your home’s property, there are many ways to beautify your patio. Spruce it up in a way that reflects your personality and style.


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