5 Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal

When you drive up to your home every day, one of the first things you notice is your curb appeal. If it’s not the kind of gorgeous landscape you want or need, you probably don’t feel as good as you could when you drive up. There’s a lot to be said about a beautiful landscape, a clean house, and aesthetically appealing curb appeal. If yours is lacking, here are five quick and simple ways to improve it fast.

Paint the Front Door

A fresh coat of paint to get rid of a dull door can add a lot of interest to your curb appeal. Sometimes it’s all about finding a bold and beautiful color to place on the door so it pops. If you’re looking to spice things up a bit, try a bright red, a daring black, or a beautiful blue on the front door.

Add Lights

Outdoor lighting can change the game, especially when you see your house lit up at night. Walkway lights are beautiful, but it’s an undermount light that shines up on your walls that makes your home stand out at night. These lights can be placed in front of windows, in between windows, and anywhere in between for an instant facelift.

Add Mulch 

Whether you have it already or you don’t have it at all, adding mulch to your flower beds and to frame the exterior of your home can add serious curb appeal. It does fade and it might wash away over time with rain, but replacing it every six months or so can make a big difference in the way your lawn looks from the street. Mulch is inexpensive, and it’s easy to add to your landscape.

Mow the Lawn 

This might be the simplest thing you can do. Hire someone to do it for you if you haven’t the time, but make sure the lawn is always mowed. Weeds, high grass, and an imperfect lawn look sloppy. Keeping it mowed makes it look fantastic, and that’s exactly what you want from your home.

Pressure Wash Your House 

This is a good task to add to your yearly to-do list. Pressure wash your house, your garage doors, your front porch, walkway, and your driveway. It doesn’t take much time for the house to look dirty and need a little work, but it’s something you can rectify in no time with a simple pressure wash. Doing this annually in the spring makes it easier and keeps your house looking good all year.

Curb appeal is important all the time. Whether you’re selling your home or just want to feel good about it when you get home each day, it’s important. Don’t let it fall by the wayside as you live your life. Keep your lawn and house looking good from the exterior using these simple and effective tips.


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