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Tools used in home improvement jobs and those simply for maintaining regular household functions are important to keep around. Often times, people purchase a drill, screwdriver, shovel, axe, or other piece of equipment only to use it one stinkin’ time. As long as you can afford to buy invariably useful tools to build to your collection, you’re nearly guaranteed to have a use for some or all of them in later weeks, months, and years.

However, many homeowners are quick to call handymen and construction workers to fix things around their homes. Investing in often-expensive home improvement tools is out of budget and scope of expertise for many homeowners. A majority of renters are quick to call landlords to install necessary repairs and fixes. Renters and homeowners should regularly spend small amount of money, in increments, to compile a thorough collection of home improvement tools — including ladders. Here are five solid reasons every home needs a ladder.

Changing lightbulbs, fixtures, and ceiling fans

Lightbulbs invariably go out — seemingly every few months — one-by-one, forcing homeowners to “Air Jordan” their way up there to replace lights, fans, and fixtures. Or, homeowners could simply fetch their ladder, lightbulbs, fixtures, or ceiling fans to clean and replace them.

Standard, traditional incandescent lightbulbs on their own burn out approximately every 1,000 hours, slightly over just 41 days of continuous run time. You will undoubtedly need a ladder on a regular basis for these inefficient lights, with upgraded energy-saving incandescent bulbs lasting between 1,000 and 3,000 hours.

Painting, applying sheetrock mud, and fitting wood putty

Every home, especially those with children, has its walls dented, scraped, and otherwise damaged. Paint is often the first layer to chip off walls, leaving them to look tacky. Ladders can be trusted to rappel one’s way up to high-up wall damages, unlike chairs or two-step ladders. Sheetrock mud and wood putty are fitted into sheetrock and wood — you could’ve guessed it — respectively.

Getting on top of the roof

Shingles fly off during storms, leaks occur from falling debris, and some homeowners may want to install solar shingles. All of these reasons are completely viable needs for owning a ladder.

Cleaning lofty areas

Tops of bookshelves, cabinets, appliances, and furniture are clean without the assistance of your handy-dandy ladder. Make sure your ladder is well-secured before hoisting your way up to clean ceiling fan blades, ceilings themselves, and other dusty spots.

Decorating for holiday seasons

Christmas lights look good when strung high-up out of anybody’s reach. Doing so without the aid of a ladder is markedly difficult. Even simple tasks like decorating Christmas trees is difficult to carry out completely near the apex of the faux-pine trees.


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