4 Types of Vacation Rentals to Consider for Your Summer Vacation

It’s that time of year again. Time to start planning your summer vacation. Before you get started searching every beachfront hotel on the internet, you should take a look at some unique alternatives.

When you think of summer vacation at the beach, you automatically think of packed beaches, boardwalks, lined with salt water taffy and gift shops, and long waits to get into restaurants. Consider this alternative, rent a houseboat or even a lighthouse!
While the option of renting a lighthouse may be over budget for most people, a houseboat is a great way to save money and stress on your vacation. You’re already on the water, and some rentals have options to hire a captain to take you and your rental home out to islands. Unlike most hotel rooms, you have your own kitchen and plenty of privacy. But most importantly, you have a one of kind vacation that provides stories to tell your friends for a lifetime.

If the beach isn’t really your thing, try heading into nature with these fabulous treehouse rentals. There is no better way to experience nature while keeping the luxuries of home. With wonderful views and absolute seclusion, these rentals will make memories to last a lifetime at reasonable prices.

The next option is an oldie, but a goodie. Hit the open road and explore at your own chosen pace with an RV. These “hotels on wheels” have made a big resurgence in recent years and aren’t just for retirees and empty nesters. Just think of the freedom. You could spend your vacation at the beach and the mountains. Maybe you’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, but your traveling companions want to go to Vegas, no problem! RV campgrounds are located all over the country, also, many Wal-Marts allow RVs to camp in their parking lots overnight.

If RVs are too much driving to appease your wanderlust, try buying tickets on a train. Watch the countryside fly by through the window as you enjoy a fresh mojito at the bar. They’re are many unique options for train vacations like the Denali train tour through Alaska. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try a cross country tour there are many options available.

So make sure you explore your options before you settle for that last room available off the strip, or that questionable shack miles away from the lake. There’s a lot to see in this beautiful world, make sure you’re enjoying it in the style that best suits you!


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