4 Decorative Glass Ideas to Add to Your Business

Decorative Glass One: Stained Glass Windows

When you want to create an interesting decor in a business, opt to install a few stained glass windows. It isn’t necessary to replace all of the clear glass windows in a business, but you can place stained glass in some of the windows to create a decorative appearance. If you have windows in your business that have multiple sections, then have an artist place the stained glass at the top or on both sides rather than in the middle. A stained glass artist can make a random design that still permits sunlight to enter a building, or you can request specialty designs of people, plants or animals. You may want stained glass windows that have numerous colors of glass, or you can have a window designed that has only a few colors of glass.

Decorative Glass Two: Carved Glass Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is necessary in a business, but you don’t need to have ugly fixtures because it is possible to install carved glass lamps on the walls or ceilings. Chandeliers are a popular carved glass lighting fixture that you can hang from an entranceway’s ceiling to make a decorative statement. An artist can design a unique chandelier that has dangling glass embellishments in a variety of designs such as festoon, crown or hoop. Some chandeliers have multiple tiers to provide bright lighting while other chandeliers are less ornate to provide dim lighting. Don’t forget to have beautiful lamps on the desks throughout a business to provide an attractive decorative element.

Decorative Glass Three: Blown Glass Artwork

You can decorate your business with blown glass artwork such as bowls and jugs. Bookshelves that are located in offices are the perfect place for colorful blown glass artwork that was made by a local artist. If you want to display flowers, then find blown glass vases to set on the tops of tables or desks.

Decorative Glass Four: Etched Glass Doors

Welcome your customers with an etched glass door that is made of clear material that has intricate designs such as the company’s name with ribbons and flowers. An artist can create etched glass designs using abrasive or acidic substances on the current doors on the exterior or interior of a building. By etching the glass on doors, you can label specific places such as restrooms, offices or conference rooms. With etched glass, you can make a room more private by making it difficult to see through the window on a door. When it is time to replace an old door, you can find unique etched glass designs at supply stores, or you can hire an artist to make a specific design.


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