3 Ways to Remove Cigar Smell from Clothes

Even though you might enjoy the smell of a fresh cigar when you are smoking it, one thing that you might hate about enjoying cigars is the fact that they can leave a lingering scent on your clothing. Luckily, your clothing is not ruined forever. If you follow these steps, you can help get rid of the smell for good.

1. Air Them Out

First and foremost, you will probably want to air your smoke-scented clothing out for a while before ever bringing it indoors. Hanging it up on a clothes line or on your balcony or porch for a few hours should do the trick. In fact, if you weren’t around the cigar smoke for very long — such as if you walked into a lounge for a few minutes or if you simply sampled a cigar but did not indulge for very long — this could be enough to get rid of most of the smoke smell. If not, it should get rid of enough of the smell that you can continue on with the next step without smelling up your entire house.

2. Soak Them

After airing your clothing out, it’s time to soak each clothing item. You can place your clothing in your sink, your bathtub or your washing machine. Regardless of where you choose to soak your clothing, filling up the basin with plenty of warm water and mixing in approximately one cup of baking soda should help. For best results, allow your clothing to soak overnight.

3. Wash Them

Once your clothing has soaked overnight, you can simply drain out the water and proceed with washing your items. Follow the care instructions on your article of clothing when doing so to prevent causing unnecessary damage to your items. If you don’t mind scented laundry detergent, using a laundry detergent with a nice scent can help with covering up any lingering odor that might be left. You can also add approximately one cup of white vinegar to your washing machine during the cycle in which you would normally add fabric softener. Even though you might think that this will leave your clothing smelling like smoke, you should find that your clothing will smell nice and fresh. Rather than leaving behind a strong odor, this should simply help remove some of the smoke smell. After your clothes have been laundered and dried, you should not have to worry about them smelling like cigar smoke. If they do, following these steps again should eliminate the odor.

Even though you might enjoy smoking cigars, you might not enjoy having your clothing smell like them afterward. Luckily, you do not have to stop enjoying your favorite cigars just to prevent this problem. Instead, consider these tips for removing the smell of cigars from your clothing.


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