3 Safety Features to Check in a Smartphone

Today’s smart phones offer a number of different safety features that help you protect everything from the phone itself to your home and your family. Here are three of the most important safety features to check on before buying your next cell phone.

1. Can it help you find itself, protect your information and/ or erase itself if lost or stolen?

While features like “find my iPhone” are nothing new, they have not been quite as useful in the past as it might appear. For one thing, most “find my phone” features only work if the device is powered up and hooked up to an active network. If the phone is turned off or the battery is dead, you may never find it even with a “find my phone” feature.

Newer smart phones, however, offer a “pinging” feature where the phone can still be located even when turned off, as long as there is still power. Additionally, make sure your phone can be remotely erased in case it is ever lost or stolen. Security features like encryption, fingerprint scanners and soon iris scanners, can help keep your personal information safe from hackers and thieves.

2. Can it help you keep your home safe?

There are a number of different smart home products on the market that can help you monitor and secure your home while you are away – and even allow access to people remotely. From smart doorbells with motion sensors that stream video right to your phone wherever you are (regardless of whether they actually rang the doorbell or not) to door locks that can be paired with smart phones to give – or deny – access, smart home features are becoming more readily available to even apartment dwellers.

While all of these products offer individual apps, it can be hugely inconvenient to clog up your phone with a bunch of different apps for all of your smart home devices. Newer operating systems offer a single app that all of your devices can be connected to for one streamlined interface. Turn on your sprinklers, turn down your heat and see who is at the door, all from one convenient app.

3. Can it keep you safe while driving?

While hands free options are nothing new, many new cars on the market are developing Teen Driver options that sends information about your Teen’s driving habits right to your smart phone. An onscreen data report will give you information like how far they’ve driven and what the maximum speed they reached was. While this is a great perk for parents, it doesn’t do any good if your cell phone is not compatible with the latest tech.

With more and more companies offering cell phones that offer apps from different marketplaces, before you buy a new smart phone, it’s important to be sure you have access to the apps you need to match with all your safety tech.


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