3 Great Ways to Improve Your Urinary Health

We often take our urinary health for granted until that dreaded encounter with a kidney or bladder infection. Luckily, there’s some quick and easy ways to avoid these unpleasant conditions. Try these natural solutions to improve your body’s urinary health.

1.Use Cranberry Juice Or Supplements
Cranberries are often cited as one of the best ways to improve your urinary health. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition even stated that one daily cup of cranberry could cut your chances of a UTI by 40%. While it’s true these wonder fruits can help your kidneys and bladder, not all cranberry treatments are created equal. Start with cranberry juices. It’s easy to choose a juice that features other ingredients for added taste. Unfortunately, this selection will offer little to no help. Much of the reason why comes from a lack of actual cranberries and an abundance of sugar. Supplements are considered a better way to go. It’s important to keep track of supplement levels if you try this solution. Too little cranberry in the mix or too much of the ingredient could lead to serious health issues.

2.Drink Plenty Of Water
Choosing water over sodas or sugary drinks can make a dramatic impact in your urinary health. Just adding a few glasses of water to your daily diet flushes the kidneys and removes impurities in the system. Going to the bathroom more is a consequence of this addition, but it proves your kidneys are becoming healthier. In fact, The Society for Women’s Health Research states “…healthy kidneys will create more urine with increased fluid intake.”

3.Never Wait To Use The Bathroom
There can be a million reasons why you might skip the bathroom when it’s time the urinate. Thinking that “holding it in” until you get to the home or office might seem like no big deal, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Waiting to go to the bathroom can be dangerous. The simple fact is your urine is full of bacteria and waste that needs to be removed from your system. Without proper urination, those harmful elements stay in the body, causing various illnesses.

Taking care of your urinary health is one of the most important steps in maintaining a new level of wellness. Although we sometimes take this part of our body for granted, it’s never too late to help your kidneys and bladder function at an optimum level. Take these tips to heart and you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.


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