Started to Plan for Our Anniversary

Our anniversary is coming up in the middle of June and I have decided that it would be wise to go ahead and start planning for it. This is a big one, Jan and I have been married for ten years now and you obviously need to make a big deal out of it if you know what is best for you. The obvious thing is to do that without completely going over the top with the cost of it. A car and a chauffeur is really nice and all, but that is just one night. The next day the sun is going to rise and you are going to have the same money worries as you had before. You still have insurance bills, the mortgage, the car payments and you still have to buy groceries and a hundred other things. I have been trying to put aside some money for this, but I am not really sure that it is going to go that far. Continue reading Started to Plan for Our Anniversary

Started to Plan the Anniversary

I have started thinking about what to do about my anniversary and hoping that I get it right, but at the same time I do not want to get a second mortgage in order to finance a night out on the town. Right now I am looking at sites like this one and trying to figure out exactly how much it is going to cost me if I decide to hire a limo and a driver. I am not thinking about getting one of those behemoth stretch limos, that is totally excessive and they cost a lot more than just a normal car. If you get something that would hold a dozen or two dozen people, then you pay for that much capacity. In this case there is only Michelle and myself. We are going to have plenty of room for the two of us in any normal four door sedan. Continue reading Started to Plan the Anniversary

Moving a Business into Niche

As Uber sends the transportation service industry into a panic with Taxi Cab owners frothing at the mouth calling for their blood, it’s the luxury ride service providers that have been hurt the least. The industry is locking up in seizures as companies seek to stall Uber and adapt to new stratagems or even go as far as to push out Uber and other ride sharing platforms out of the market entirely. It’s not going to happen but that won’t stop their lawyers from cashing in their paychecks. Luxury limos like in Toronto (read more here) have the flexibility from limited direct competition to their distinctive service allowing them to adapt without serious loss to their market share. This is nothing but good for an industry that had absolutely no reason or pressure to grow their business models. In the case of those who own Taxi Cab medallions in the United States, this has turned out to be a terrible mistake.

I’d like to think that nobody could have predicted the rapid rise in popularity of Uber but if we look at that rise and ask ourselves why, we would see that customers have been simply waiting for something like this to arrive. The Yellow Cab experience is not a pleasant one. It’s a general consensus that they’re over priced and go out of their way to make paying for the ride as difficult as possible. Uber offered the exact opposite; everything a Yellow Cab experience is what Uber is not. If owners had only paid more attention to the complaints they might have been able to retain their dominance. Instead, even limousine companies are now in a position to turn their business models around and take advantage of this niche that has opened up for them. It would be such a waste if they didn’t.

A Nuisance to My New Home

I take great pride in keeping my home beautiful. I invested a great deal of money into keeping it in perfect shape. This my first home. Recently, a bad storm came through my city. It rained very hard. There was some minor flooding in my part of town. There was a lot of thunder and lightning. The hail was the size of walnuts. A tree fell on my neighbor’s house. He wasn’t seriously injured. His home suffered, but it could have been worse. I need tree removal in Asheville NC. I have two trees in my house that are very tall. They look sturdy, but they are very old. I worry that the trees will topple over on my house during the storm. I don’t want a tree to crush my house.

The old trees must be removed. They provide some shade in the summer, but are still a potential threat. The trees are a safety hazard to my home. They could fall and crush my house. My family members and I could be seriously injured or killed. I cannot let that happen to the people that I love. Continue reading A Nuisance to My New Home

Limo Pricing for Single Night Rental

I will have occasion to rent a limo in the near future and I would like to browse my options for limo rental companies, and see which one makes the most sense. I am going to go visit star night website right now and try to look at the different types of limos they have to offer, as well as any promotions they might be running at the moment. I want to rent a pretty standard stretch limo, and I am going to need to hire it for at least 5 hours.

The limo is going to be used during a bachelor’s party, and it is my son’s bachelor’s party in particular. Continue reading Limo Pricing for Single Night Rental

I Am Looking for Information on DC Neighborhoods

Schools  Charter Schools  AVCII am probably going to be moving to Washington, DC if things go the way that I am expecting. I am currently single and I am looking to find a nice place to live that would be relatively close to the US Bureau of Land Management. The job I believe that I shall be getting will pay well, but I have some obligations as a result of my divorce and the failure of a small business I was involved in. So I am looking for something affordable, particularly in the short term. My former college room mate helped me get an interview for the job, but he does not really know much about the area. Continue reading I Am Looking for Information on DC Neighborhoods

Improving the Educational System in Washington D.C

Southern Ave Charter SchoolsWashington D.C. area schools are reporting an increase in math scores versus previously years. This is notable, because education remains a huge concern for the district, as it is home to some of the lowest rated schools in the country. So, what is the D.C. area doing right and what can the rest of the country learn from it?

The Washington D.C. is home to a large number of charter schools, and students are turning to charters in greater numbers than ever before to meet their family’s educational needs. While charter schools are not without controversy, there is a benefit to offering families choices, and Washington D.C is doing that in the form of charter schools. The current math proficiency rate in charter schools in the D.C. area is at 55 percent. While this is only a one percent increase over last year, it does show the advantages offered when parents have choices, as these schools continue to out perform traditional public schools while serving a higher number of poverty stricken children.

The city also continues to raise the bar on how they are holding their teachers and schools accountable for pass and failure rates. Continue reading Improving the Educational System in Washington D.C