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3 Surprising Facts About Offshore Banking

There are a lot of myths and fake news about offshore banking. A lot of people think that there’s something unethical about anyone who keeps offshore accounts. However, offshore banks are legal and safe. International banking just means that you’re keeping your money in a bank that’s located in a country other than where you reside. Offshore banks are simply a different and secure way of managing your money. Here are 3 surprising facts about offshore banking.

1. You Don’t Need A Big Income To Open An Account

One of the misconceptions about offshore banking is that you have to have a six-figure income to open an account at an Offshore Bank. You don’t have to be wealthy and it’s easier than you may think. Not all international banks are like those in Liechtenstein, in which you must deposit at least $350,000. Even Swiss banks require a minimum of $10,000. Some offshore banks, usually public banks in several countries, allow you to open an account with less than $1,000. Some banks will allow new accounts with a $500 deposit.

2. Remote Banking Is An Option

Most people think that even if they have the funds to open an offshore account, they don’t think it’s practical for them. They’re under the impression that they have to travel to the country where the bank is located to transfer their funds. However, it’s not always necessary to open the account in person. Many offshore banks allow new customers to open their accounts remotely. Most banks allow new customers to submit the required documents. The approval process can take anywhere from a few days to three weeks. Once the account is approved, you can manage your funds by the Internet, phone, or fax.

3. Offshore Banks Are Strong

Offshore banks must operate according to the laws of the country in which they’re located with less intervention from the government and stricter financial laws. In developed countries, bankers don’t always face the consequences of mismanagement of client’s funds. However, bankers who manage international banks could go to jail for those offenses. Security and privacy of a customer are strictly enforced and limits information about account holders from being shared with third party sources. Account holders may transfer funds by a variety of methods including checks, drafts, or wire transfers. In the United States, a valid ID and proof of current address may be all that’s required to open a bank account. To open an account with an offshore bank, you may need the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Proof of current address
  • Bank statements
  • Resume
  • Letter of reference

With an offshore account, you can make global investments including precious metals, stocks and bonds, and real estate.

The requirements show that international banks are particular about clients that they allow to open offshore accounts. If you’re considering opening a new bank account, you may want to look into the options that are available from offshore banks.

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5 Benefits of Creating Custom T-Shirts

It seems a lot of people wear shirts; in fact, the t-shirt business has helped some businesses make over $100 million a year, which is not surprising since the custom t-shirt business is booming. It is clear to see that people want custom-made shirts, and the following are just five reasons these shirts are desirable.

1. Choosing the Desired Material

One benefit that is worth noting is the fact that custom t-shirts can be modified to fit the needs of the wearer. This means that you can choose to order shirts made with just fleece if you prefer the breathability and durability of this material. Others can simply opt for 100 percent cotton due to its breathability and stretchability.

2. Brand Recognition

Another great thing about custom t-shirts is that you will have the ability to promote and increase a particular brand or concept. A t-shirt is great advertising that is basically free after the initial investment. The reason that a shirt is such a good advertising tool is simply because t-shirts are very popular amongst all ages.

3. Proselytizing is Easier

People love to share who they are, and custom t-shirts provide that opportunity to those who decide to opt for these types of shirts. It is an easy way to proselytize a political position or belief. A person might have a hard time raising awareness about something, but with a shirt, all one has to do is walk down the street.

4. A Unique Shirt

There are many designs out there, and most people will agree that some designs look similar. This might make someone feel unoriginal if the shirt he or she is wearing looks like any other. A custom t-shirt can be stamped with interesting colors or patterns that are not sold anywhere. This is a great way to create your own custom style, especially for those who have an artistic eye.

5. Relatively Affordable

Shirts made with high quality materials are usually quite expensive, but this is something that one does not have to worry about with custom t-shirts. The middle man is eliminated. The material and printing is usually quite inexpensive. You will probably be given the opportunity to buy these in bulk, which will save you additional cash.

As you can see, there are a few reasons why a custom t-shirt may be the right choice for you.

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3 Key Advantages of Living an Active Lifestyle

Maybe you are not living an active life now, but you want to start becoming more active. Maybe you are already trying to be more active but sometimes catch yourself wondering why you are putting in the effort to live this way. While an active lifestyle may not always be the easiest route in life, it is an amazing one with many advantages. Below is a list of 3 of the key advantages to living an active lifestyle.


Health is a huge issue for many people, and in fact the whole country. According to the CDC, over 1/3 of adults in America suffer from obesity. This may seem like a large number, but it can go down! While diet plays the majority role in weight loss, an active lifestyle can help too! By simply incorporating daily walks into your routine, you will have already started living a more active lifestyle that can lead to serious health benefits.

Not only does incorporating activity and exercise help your body, but it also helps your mind as well. According to this scientific article, even exercises like gardening and dancing can help reduce anxiety and depression. So, it turns out that an active life is good for your mind as well as your body.


By living an active lifestyle, you have the freedom to do the types of activities you want to do. As you become more and more active, more opportunities become available. You can go on that hike you always wanted to, or finally run that 5k that you have seen advertised. Whole new opportunities that you may not have even noticed before become available to you. By being active and maintaining that kind of lifestyle, you have the freedom to be able to chose activities and adventures that you really want to do, not the ones you are limited to.

Fun Experiences

One of the great advantages about living a more active lifestyle are all the great experiences you have along the way. Remember, being active does not mean what you are doing is not fun! There are so many different activities you can try. Dance classes, bike riding, swimming; these are all different activities that are available to you. Find something you love to do and do it. That being said, do not be afraid to try out new things. You may never know what you like until you try it.

In the end, there are many advantages to living an active lifestyle, much more than the 3 listed above. These 3 benefits above, however, represent some of the key advantages that can help you live a more healthy and vibrant life.

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4 Tips for Telling Your Children that You Are Moving

A sudden move can be one of the most difficult things for a child to adapt to if they haven’t already been familiarized with the process, but there are very effective ways that you can make things a lot easier for them. Children can handle the process of moving perfectly well under the right guidance, but because the notion of changing the place that they call home is often highly foreign to them, it takes a delicate and well-measured touch to go about things properly.

In order to make sure that your child has the best chance of being able to deal with the move in a healthy and well-adjusted manner, you will definitely want to keep some of the following tips from the experts in mind.

Give your child a chance to tour the new place themselves after you tell them the news

Make sure that you actually give your child a chance to see the place that they’re moving to in advance if at all possible. Being able to have your child become visually and spatially familiar with the new place that you’re moving to can help them become much more comfortable with the process of adapting to it more swiftly.

When your child has a chance to tour the new area that they’re moving to, the notion of leaving the previous place that they call home won’t necessarily feel like a sudden leap into the unknown. Giving a child a walk-through of the new place so that they can start identifying new spots to put their favorite things and engage in their favorite activities can be an excellent way to ease them into the transition as well.

Keep your explanation as simple and honest as you reasonably can

However you go about informing your child that the move is happening, you will definitely want to make sure that you keep your explanation as simple as possible. You naturally don’t have to give your child every single one of the most complex details of the move and what it entails, but the more succinctly that you can deliver the news in an honest and straightforward manner, the better.

Your child may not immediately be receptive to the reality of what you’re telling them, but no matter how they respond, simple is always better. Making sure that you acknowledge the fact that they might be feeling a little bit nervous about what’s going on, sharing the location that you’re going to and reassuring them of the fact that everything will be okay are all good principles to abide by.

Frame the move as an interactive story for them to get involved in

In addition to keeping your explanation simple, you might be able to deliver the news even more effectively to younger children by framing it as a story. You can use small toys or drawings to represent the move in a way that’s similar to a mini-play or storybook so that they can process the news in a way that’s a little bit more fun and relatable. Framing the move in the form of a story while getting them involved can be a great way to help the child feel like the move is more of an adventure than something scary or disruptive.

Tell them that they can still keep relationships with their friends after the move

Because one of the primary concerns that a child will have about a move will most likely be how to keep in touch with their friends, you should definitely give them a little bit of help in working out how they can nurture their relationships through long-distance methods.

Teaching your children how to maintain a friendship after the move can not only be useful for helping them adjust to the move overall but also be a very important life skill for them to practice in general.

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